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Millennium IT offers complete solutions and services, dedicated exclusively to the business environment, structured on the customers’ needs and requirements. The services portfolio includes VoIP telephone solutions, data communications and Internet access, IP, VPN and MPLS solutions, dedicated audio/video conference solutions, online services and IT outsourcing.

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MITnet is specialized in providing affordable quality server collocation solutions to our customers to ensure they do not have to deal with performance degradations, timeout errors or aborted connections.

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Integration of voice and data communications within your company will increase the availability of staff and will help structure the information. Team members can be easily contacted, partners and customers can be quickly redirected to the requested department.

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Internet & Data

Developing communications and computer networks offer companies increased opportunities to create business advantage by being able to work in any time and any place by using various tools and communication systems.

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IT Business Solutions

MIT Business Pack is a services and solutions package dedicated exclusively on the basis of the customers’ needs and requirements, being implemented by a professional, experienced and dynamic team. Millennium IT developed and implemented 3 types of general more

Complete IT Services

The development of communications and data networks offers companies enhanced means to create commercial advantages, through the possibility to unfold their activity anywhere and anytime, using the Millennium IT services and solutions. We offer integrated IT services serving ... read more

" Making technology available "

"Sunt foarte mulţiumit de serviciile oferite ...."

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Full ISP Service
infrastructure, configuration, management

Business Solutions

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The Internet and data solutions incorporate the most important communications needs of a company, providing a permanent connection with the partners, suppliers, customers and employees in a simple, fats, reliable and secure manner.


Millennium IT provides a large range of Internet access speeds (on fiber optics or wireless support), back-up connections and multiple data transport solutions, in order to ensure the continuity and availability of the work environment within the company.


By using the most advanced technologies, the company will possess the required advantages and technological means for the development of the business and opening of new commercial opportunities.



Millennium IT voice solutions are using the latest IT technologies encapsulation audio or video through which you will be in permanent connection with partners, customers and your employees.
The MIT VoIP service can enhance communication within your company, while optimizing phone costs.


Voice solutions can be implemented based on the existing data infrastructure (public or private), being able to benefit from additional services (video, call-center, wireless DECT, voicemail).


Outsourcing represents an easy way by which your company can benefit from the delegation of the IT activities and tasks to Millennium IT. Regardless whether it is about one-time projects (e.g. structured cabling) or projects consisting in monthly works (e.g. IT department outsourcing, virtualization), your company’s efficiency and profitability will grow by implementing and capitalizing modern technologies.


The quick adaptation to the changes of the business environment and the update of the information are the related advantages provided to you along with the outsourcing service.

MIT Start-up is a project dedicated for the newly established privately Romanian companies. MITnet has developed a program for start-ups, through which it offers all the primary means of telecommunications needed for the business development, in a advantageous financial system.


Depending on the profile and needs of the company, through MIT Start-up can be obtained in the first year of the contract value reductions of up to 25% for Millennium IT services and up to 20% for solutions or software provided.

IT Colocation Services

  • Gigabyte Internet connection
  • Redundant water cooling system
  • Security: access procedures, firewall and VLAN
  • Fire suppression and detection systems
  • Structured cabling is certified CAT7 and uses optical fiber.

IT Outsourcing

  • Enhance the quality of IT services
  • Streamline costs and resources
  • Focus on core activities
  • Continuity & Risk management
  • Protect your private data


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